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Northern California

San Francisco Bay offers year round sailing opportunities. The Bay is not large by comparisons to worldwide seaports, though for sailing it offers vast a range of conditions unparalleled.

Land and water movement create mountains, valleys, coastlines, bays and deltas. Theoretically, tetonic plates or land masses push and slide against each other to, well, create California.

Watersheds flood into valleys, deltas and rivers. The gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon pull water and create tides. Dramatic physical attributes play a role in weather, surrounding hills around the Bay, the narrow entrance known as the Golden Gate and warm inland valleys are placed in the path of cool water and wind weather that forces cold wind into a venturi blast toward warmed hills and temperate climates. These microclimate variations or localized pressure gradients result in pockets of windy weather- known as the "air conditioner."

From the Coast to the Bay to the Delta, the conditions vary daily - variations are the common theme. Variable temperatures in close proximity generates wind-generally speaking. Here in the SF Bay Area, we take advantage of the differential in conditions to find wind as the temperature gradients move. Daily, it's possible to predict fair weather in some locales while gaurenteeing wind in others. For kiters, this is California Gold. Leave nice temperate weather to drive a short distance to windy weather. The variations are unfathomable. In 10 miles it's possible to find a 40 degree temperature variance. It's all well and fine unless you forgot your jacket because when you left it was hot and now it's cold -- freezing cold.

The SF Bay's microclimates work to your advantage and even guides your life. "The weather tells you where to go" says one rider. "I don't even think about second guessing the wind pager." "Don't argue with the facts," says another. I say, "it's windy let's ride." And we do nearly everyday.
Bay, Coast and Delta

Waddell Creek is midway between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay on the coast and offers extreme wind and waves in extra-ordinary fashion. This is one of the best spots to ride wind and waves in the world - sharks like it there.

Crissy Field facing the Golden Gate Bridge offers strong wind and currents that although reliable are equally challenging, dangerous and exciting. The entire SF Bay offers more than 100 beaches and many more untapped locations for high wind and a variety of water conditions.

The Delta offers thousands of miles of rivers that provide high wind and fresh water. From Sherman Island to Frank's Tract the wind fuels kiting from morning til night with a moderation of conditions around noon.

As a focal point, the SF Peninsula juts out from the mainland into critical weather conditions making excellent kiting and breathtaking views. For kiters, the adventure begins when you first look outside and see what the day has to offer - followed by a quick weather summary check, buoy readings and convoluted forcasts to conclude yeah it's good again - somewhere.
The El Camino Real or king's road, covers most of California from LA to SF and ends near San Francisco. Throughout California, like missionaries - kiters make the passage to kitebeaches daily.

SF Bay Area KiteBeaches
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