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meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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Havana, Cuba

Chevrolet relics, rum and rhythm drip down Havana's streets nonstop like the rhythm of the dripping faucets in the antiquated still-standing apartment buildings. Cubana dance music and the "chug-lug-wumpa" sound of the '57 chevys, keep pace with the swaying hips and high hem skirts of hitchhikers and caminandos making their daily promenade. Cars with no stickers - clean as a whistle, honk salutations at those walking by.

The Ron Mojitos then the Cigars, the Conga music, dance and of course hot sweaty days and nights paint a neverending picture with musical spanish accented by rapid beats completing a portrait of a duelistic life; happy with nothing but, desperate for anything, Cubanas make do with a life economically constricted by the rarest politcal and socioeconomic form-socialistic communisim, at the rigid command of Fidel Castro.

The Revolution of a Free Cuba led by Che Guevarra was overtaken by Fidel Castro following Che's assasination. Fidel manages a stranglehold over a dreamworld societal model where citizens receive food, home, medical care, education and oversight over all activities. Cuba has everything in place for societal perfection, streets, electricity, water, garbage and rich culture full of art, music, dance and food, everything except free will to sell and buy goods for it's citizens. Tourists however, are allowed to spend as much as they can and they do.
Vearadero, Cuba

White sand beaches cover more than 30 kilometers of Veradero, Cuba creating a resort location unmatched in the carribean. Tranquil meditereanian resorts line the beach in a spacious yet endless procession.

Kitesurfing takes advantage of sideshore breezes and frontal winds. Beaches suffer from occasional jelly fish population explosion causing beach closure.

Tourism is the primary function of Vanadero resort making it both a wonderful destination for euro travelers and canadians and perhaps a place to avoid if true cuban culture is your goal.

Off the common path in the tobacco groves and lush countryside, family and culture fill rolling hills and green palm studded valleys. And always the sound of cubana music and conversation and laughter continues. Always.

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