oo-to (oo-tu) adj. noun.  
meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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About Us


Ooto is an adventure site focusing on people, places and events on the west coast primarily in Baja and California. Honestly we are not sure where this is going or morphing to, though, you will find a great deal of related info here. At present, its the beauty of these people and places that is the focus. Along the way, we report on many regattas and the competitors. Those who visit often will see that our focus through the Winters are Southern regions and in the Summer, Northern regions of Las Californias.

What does all this mean, what have we learned? We started out believing there was a better beach chair, a better portable BBQ and cooking utensil set. Having spent so many years doing this, literally every day, I have come to realize that ultimately there is no best way, only one which suits you, the adventurer, for the circumstances you choose. Surprisingly we have effectively developed techniques for parties with no paper or plastic, or even chairs. We have had very enjoyable times sitting on the ground around a fire and eating right off the fire. There's a few tricks, hopefully you learn them here and share some of your tricks as well. Email your letters with questions to the editor.

We will try to reply to all email though we can not always while we are traveling on remote adventures.

See you at the beach.

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